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© Bella Logachova 2022


© Hanna Shumska 2022


©Tatiana Kolesnik 2022

This is the Land. We Have Our Inheritance I & II

Linoprint on paper. Limited Edition No: 3/5, 42x30cm, unframed.

Printed at Kharkiv Academy of Art for exhibition at Yermilov Arts Centre, Ukraine, 2017.

For sale in aid of Ukraine. All proceeds for Ukraine. Please get in touch for details.

Forthcoming: Swimming in the Black Sea, article for Tblisi Architecture Biennial Journal about Scottish Gaelic concept of dùcthas in relation to national identities. 


Please see examples of Ukrainian artists' work on social media channels noted below and contact artists directly to purchase works.

Bella Logachova 

Lectures at Kharkiv Academy of Fine Art. Major exhibition, Buffalo, NY, summer 2022. Bella has created the ArtNUO series. In an emblematic square format, the artworks are a bricolage of traditional Ukrainian art, futuristic and retro art. With great compassion the series brings love and humour and wit into grim and terrible stories. ('Listen If...' short film about the conflict in the Donbas Region. Bella Logachova, Alexandr Prisyazhnenko, Kate Robinson, 2017.

Instagram: @bellalogachova

Hanna Shumska

Studied at Lviv Academy of Art and Academy Sztuk Pieknytch in Gdansk, Poland, where she is now enrolled in the doctoral programme. Strong colour, compositionally balanced, witty and political, Hanna's works explore land and family migration. Often layering text and photographic imagery, she engages with tropes of social media exploring the borderlands where we find truth.

Tatiana Kolesnik

Tatiana's work is full of emotion - complex, open, giving. Often referencing traditional Ukrainian and Renaissance imagery, it is sometimes generously illuminated in gold leaf, creating an other-wordly context. Delicate and strong, the paintings are often about relationships - spatial or human; her works offer a powerful feminist  vision.

Instagram @tatakolesnik

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