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For brass I will bring gold...

Glasgow University Memorial Chapel 

Isaiah 60:17

'For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver: and for wood brass, and for stones iron...'

The verse continues: 'and I will make thy visitation peace, and thy overseers justice'.

(Douay-Rheims translation)

I think of the quote from Isaiah as being about transformation, the conversion of matter at the atomic level. The figure of Christ on each of the Crosses is cast from lead with gold. In alchemical terms the transmutation of a base metal to gold is a sign of spiritual enlightenment. Isaiah chapter 60 begins: 'Arise, be enlightened, O Jerusalem'. The Crosses are made from brass, copper, glass, iron, gold and silver leaf and the pine-wood of a Christmas tree. The intention is that each Cross embodies a different focus of feeling for the viewer in his or her meditation.

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