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Dr. Kate Robinson BA (Hons) MRSS

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Sculpture, drawing and the spoken and written word using body, voice, stone, metal, wood, ice, sand...

Meaningful social engagement...Art can be in an approach as much as it can be a thing.
Contexts range from galleries to parks to prisons and public squares, from archaeological sites to public and private memorials. 

Creative and academic writing and the telling of stories through word and image...
Some professional highlights:
Making an ice bed inside an igloo in the Arctic Circle; sanding the backside of a Niki de Saint Phalle nana-angel in California; carving giant figures on an island in the East China Sea; a sand-drawing in the rain on top of a Pictish hillfort near inverness; discussing archaeology, up scaffolding, attaching copper birds to the entrance of a Johnstone new-build; making a tiny family of clay with a woman in a Glasgow geriatric ward; watching the northern lights, ice sculpting in Alaska; seeing a heathery spectrum appear behind an ice prism in Estonia; dancing on a barge through Berlin after sculpting near the remnants of the Wall; finding my fountain pen again, midsummer, after carving a head in Norwegian soapstone in front of Trondheim Cathedral; melting lead in my kitchen.

Recent & Upcoming projects: 2024-26 Artist in Residence, Western Baths; 2023-24 UNESCO virtual Writer in Residence, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melboure; 2023-24 Zmina international arts evaluator, Izolyatsia, Kyiv, Ukraine; 2024 Feminist Lecture Programme, London Drawing Group; 2022-23 Swimming in the black sea, Tblisi Architecture Biennial; Thomas Donohoe Memorial, Busby 2021 Werburgh  Festival Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent; Hidden Doors, Traquair House Maze, Peebles; Goddess of Noon, London, Royal Society of Sculptors 2020 Embodied Memory Connected Arts Network; Adam Lay YBounden, Glasgow University Memorial Chapel. 2019 Moot, Now & Next, commission  BBC/LUX; Lentfest, exhibition tour, Glasgow; Culture Counts, writing, Federation of Scottish Theatre 2018   Deep Green, Dovecote Gallery, Edinburgh; An Sgàileadair|The One that Shades, sculpture, Tramway, Glasgow; Theneu finding light in darkness, exhibition, Glasgow Cathedral 2017 Perceived Identities residency/exhibition, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine 2016 Uainead|Degree of Greenness, National Theatre of Scotland, Gaelic Arts, Tramway, Glasgow. 2014-15  European Association of Archaeologists, Artist in Residence   

Awards: 2020 Hope Scott Trust Award 2019 LUX Bursary 2018 Robert Graves Poetry Award shortlist  Words and Women National Writing Competition shortlist  Sense Over Sectarianism Award for Brother Walfrid Veil Guardian/Modern Painters’ Prize for Writing on Art.  Scotland Year of the Artist Award.  Yorkhill Hospital Award, Scotland Year of Architecture Award Sciart Shortlist: Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. McColl Arts Foundation, 1st Prize. John Keppie Award for Sculpture.  Weir Pumps Centenary Award

Public Art Commissions: Thomas Donohoe Memorial, Busby 2021Tracing Stories, film for EAA Glasgow 2015;  Gie Me ae Spark o' Nature's Fire, artworks integrated into new Johnston Town Hall 2014 Via VeritasVita, for Bishop of Paisley 2013 The Govan Timeline, Langlands Path, Govan, Glasgow 2011 Woman Man Sun Moon, Newhouse, M8; The Very Atom is Light Energy, Govan Cross 2008 Jimmy Johnstone, Celtic Park, Glasgow; Ramshorn Engravings, Ingram Street, Glasgow. 2007 The Symphony of the Trees, Newbury, Berkshire. 2006 Processional Crosses,St Mary’s Church, Calton, Glasgow. 2005 Brother Walfrid, Celtic Park, Glasgow. 2000 Light Cross, National Seminary for Scotland. 

Recent and Upcoming Solo Exhibitions: 2026 Western Baths Club 150th Anniversary; 2024 Archive Exhibition, Western Baths Club; 2021, Angels Traquair House Pavilion; 2019 Angels Advent, exhibition, Archdiocese of Glasgow , 2012 For Brass I Will Bring Gold...Glasgow University Memorial Chapel 2011 The Boardroom, Fairfields Ship Yard, Govan 2008 Prism, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tallinn, Estonia 2007 Fruit, Landertinger Wagner Gallery, Salzburg, Austria 2005 Colours,  Hughson Gallery, Glasgow 2001 Theatre of Memory, Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 2000 The Foot Washing, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art     

Recent Group Exhibitions: 2022 Altered States, Newbury; 2015-2016 Cradle of Scotland, Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum 2014 CARA Arts of Resistance, London; Experiencing Bronze, Milton Art Gallery 2012 National Library of Scotland 2011 National Library of Scotland 2009 Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway 2008 Ricefield, Glasgow; Stations of Grace, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow. 2007 New Hall Biennial, Cambridge; Paradise, Berlin, Germany. 2006 The Magic of the Ball, Berlin, Germany. 2005  Wild Dogs, Copenhagen, Denmark; The Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow. 2004 Art: 2004, London; Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Glasgow; De Spelerij, Dieren, The Netherlands; Reciprocal Earth, Fold Gallery, Kirkby Steven. 2003  Flight, East-side Gallery, Berlin; Snowcase, Fold Gallery, Kirkby Steven. 2002  Ice sculpture, Nice, France; Jesus 2000,Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Curatorial: 2015 Wandering Home: Following in the Footsteps of the Celtic Peregrinatti, Photographs, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Govan Old Parish, Glasgow Cathedral & The Pilgrim’s Crozier, sculpture, John Creed, University of Glasgow for the European Association of Archaeologists 2014 Grounded, photographs by Judith Parrott Commonwealth Games, Airc II (Australian tour 2015-2017) 2005 Brother Walfrid Veil, schools inter-faith project, Celtic Park 2001-04  New Lanark Multidisciplinary Art Project, Lanarkshire schools 2000 International Sand Sculpture Festival, Glasgow, Audience of over 80,000. Multimedia Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire, University of Glasgow.

Moving Image: 2019 Sketch for Goddess of Noon (3.45 min) Moot, BBC/LUX (3.48 min) 2017 Listen, If… Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine (3.44 min) 2015 Fashioned Earth, University of Glasgow (6 min) Tracing Stories,University of Glasgow (6.5min) 2001 The Theatre of Memory, VRML movie, Collins Gallery (2.41 min)

Publications:  2022 Swimming in the Black Sea, Tblisi Architecture Biennial 2019 Staple Myth, Berwick Film & New Media Arts Festival Review, LUX 2017 Komodo Dragon,Words & Women, Four, Bryan, L. & Greenwood, B. (Eds) (Norwich: Unthank Books) 153-161 2015 Driscoll, S. & Robinson, K. (Eds) Trace: artistic responses to Scottish archaeology  (University of Glasgow and Seedbed Press) 2014 Gavrilo Princips drinks a cup of coffee…. (Glasgow: Seedbed Press) 2013 Robertson, Kate, Ed., The Art of Resistance, CARA. Tate, Britain 2012 Between Us a Phoenix Arises, Seedbed Press 2011 Andenken (Memory Attunements) Seedbed Press 2009: Hidden Cities 5. 2007:‘Overlapping Worlds’, Textualities 2: Science and Intuition, ed. Jennie Renton (Edinburgh, Main Point Books).‘On the Pillars…’ and ‘The Ballad of Anton and Lynne’, Hidden Cities 3, ed. Rachel Jury, (Dancing Rabbit Productions, Glasgow). ‘Real Streams: Hildegard of Bingen’,The State of the Real, ed. Damian Sutton, Ray  Mackenzie and Sue Brind,(London: Tauris) 88-97. 2006: A Search for the Source of the Whirlpool of Artifice(Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press, 2006). 154pp. 2005: ‘Making Brother Walfrid’, (Celtic Football Club Supporters’ Association, 2005). ‘The Celestial Streams of Giulio Camillo’, History of Science, 43 (2005) 321-41. 2004: Reciprocal Earth, poems and images published as a set of 6 postcards; Fold Gallery, Kirkby Steven. ‘The Psalmist’ (short version) The Guardian Review, 18.09.04.‘The Psalmist’, Modern Painters, Autumn: 22-23. ‘Power and Persuasion in the Theatre of Camillo’, Power and Persuasion: Sculpture in its Rhetorical Context,ed. Urszula Szulakowska(Warsaw: Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2004) 37-48.2003: ‘Fame with Tongue’, Reformation and Renaissance Review, 6 (2004) 107-123.2003:    Truman, J.; Robinson, K., Evans A.L., Smith, D.; Cunningham, L.;Millward, R.; Minnis, H.: ‘The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: A pilot study of a new computer version of the self-report scale’, European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 12: 9-14.; ‘Giulio Camillo and L’idea del Theatro’, E-Sharp: Online Journal. 1999 ed., Tall Ships, Short Stories, (Greenock: Greenock Tall Ships, 1999). 1997     Jacobsen, Fay W., ed., Living with Loss, (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1997). 1995 ed., Ae Fon Kiss, (Glasgow: Project Ability, 1995). 1990 In Ms. Aristotle’s Garden, (Glasgow: Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery). 

Conferences/Papers: 2017, Is there a Gaelic Aesthetic? Royal Scottish Conservatoire, panellist 2010 University of Oxford, ‘Contemporary Art and Otherness’, International Society of Religion, Literature and Culture Conference 2006 Glasgow University, St. Andrew’s College, Art and Theology Seminar 2003 Glasgow School of Art, ‘Real Streams: Hildegard of Bingen’ at State of the Real Conference. 2002 Glasgow School of Art  Historical and Critical Studies Seminar;  Southampton Institute of Fine Art  Historical and Critical Studies Seminar; Leeds University, Paper: ‘Power and Persuasion in the Theatre of Camillo’ at International Art Historians Conference; Glasgow University, Paper: ‘Giulio Camillo’ at Postgraduate Conference. 2001  Strathclyde University, Collins Gallery, Artist’s Talk; 

Work in Collections: Blackfriars College, University of Oxford; Celtic Football Club; Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde; University of Glasgow; Contemporary Art Society, London; Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art; Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery; Glasgow Royal Concert Hall;  National Seminary for Scotland; National Space Science Centre, Leicester; New Hall, University of Cambridge; Southampton City Art Gallery; St Mary’s Calton, Glasgow; Strathclyde University Chaplaincy; Taylor Clarke Partnership; Private collections in UK, Europe and USA. Associate of Royal British Society of Sculptors.

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