Uainead|Degree of Greeness
Uainead|Degree of Greeness

Annabel MacDonald performing at Tramway II, 2016

Gavrilo Princips Drinks a Cup...
Gavrilo Princips Drinks a Cup...

Seedbed Press, 2014

Memory Attunements
Memory Attunements

Birch trees, illustration from artist book, 2010


From Trace: artistic responses to Scottish archaeology, 2015

From 'Snowland'
From 'Snowland'

Graphic novel, in progress

Uainead|Degree of Greeness
Uainead|Degree of Greeness

Annabel MacDonald performing at Tramway II, 2016

Awards for writing and text based art:
Robert Graves Poetry Prize shortlist
Guardian/Modern Painters Award for Writing on Art
Scotland Year of the Artist Award
Yorkhill Hospital Award for Multimedia Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
Wellcome Foundation Sciart Shortlist: Multimedia Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
Words and Women IV
Plays/Performance/Works in Progress

The Goddess of Noon. Translation of Franz Werfel's play Die Mittagsgottin (Vienna, 1919)

GrayKing & Webby, illustrated story about Anglo Saxon saint.

Uainead|Degree of Greeness Commissioned by Gaelic Arts, National Theatre of Scotland & Gaelic Book Council. Performed at Tramway II.

Bi-lingual text developed in collaboration with Gaelic writer, Seonag Monk.

Snowland graphic novel in progress. True story of child refugee arriving in Glasgow on New Year's Eve.


2019: Staple Myth, Berwick Film & New Media Arts Festival Review, LUX .


2017: 'Komodo Dragon' in Words and Women IV (Norwich: Unthank Books), eds. Bryan, L & Greenwood, B. 153-161.

2015: Co-edited with Driscoll, S., Trace: artistic responses to Scottish archaeology (University pf Glasgow & Seebed Press)


2014: Sand, fire, peat, dream, Curatorial text for 'Grounded', Glasgow Commonwealth Games 

Gavrilo Princip drinks a cup of coffee...(Glasgow Seedbed Press)


2013:  Robertson, Kate, Ed., The Art of Resistance, CARA. Lodged with Tate, Britain.

2011: Between Us a Phoenix Arises, (Glasgow, Seedbed Press)


2010: Memory Attunements, translated from Andenken by Flora Rosanes (Vienna, 1920), (Glasgow: Seedbed Press)


2009: 'Wall', in Hidden Cities 5, ed. Jury, R (Glasgow: Dancing Rabbit Productions)


2007: ‘Overlapping Worlds’, Textualities 2: Science and Intuition, ed. Jennie Renton (Edinburgh, Main Point Books).


‘On the Pillars…’ and ‘The Ballad of Anton and Lynne’, Hidden Cities 3, ed. Rachel Jury, (Dancing Rabbit Productions, Glasgow).


Real Streams: Hildegard of Bingen’,The State of the Real, ed. Damian Sutton, Ray  Mackenzie and Sue Brind,(London: Tauris) 88-97.


2006: A Search for the Source of the Whirlpool of Artifice (Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press). 


2005: ‘Making Brother Walfrid’, (Celtic Football Club Supporters’ Association).


The Celestial Streams of Giulio Camillo’, History of Science, 43, 321-41.


2004: Reciprocal Earth, poems and images published as a set of 6 postcards; Fold Gallery, Kirkby Steven.


‘The Psalmist’ (short version) The Guardian Review, 18.09.04.


‘The Psalmist’, Modern Painters, Autumn: 22-23.


‘Power and Persuasion in the Theatre of Camillo’, Power and Persuasion: Sculpture in its Rhetorical Context,ed. Urszula Szulakowska(Warsaw: Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences) 37-48.


‘Fame with Tongue’, Reformation and Renaissance Review, 6, 107-123.


2003: Truman, J.; Robinson, K., Evans A.L., Smith, D.; Cunningham, L.;Millward, R.; Minnis, H.: ‘The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: A pilot study of a new computer version of the self-report scale’, European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 12: 9-14.


‘Giulio Camillo and L’idea del Theatro’, E-Sharp: Online Journal.


1999 ed., Tall Ships, Short Stories, (Greenock Tall Ships).


1997 'Persephone I', 'Persephone II', and 'This', Jacobsen, F. W., Kindlen, M. and Shoemark, A., eds., Living Through Loss, (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers) 147-148.


1995 ed., Ae Fon Kiss, (Glasgow: Project Ability).


1991, adpatation of The Winter's Tale for Flying Geese Theatre Company schools' tour. 


1990 In Ms. Aristotle’s Garden, (Glasgow: Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery).​

Seedbed Press founded 2010 publishes artists' books and books about art.