The Symphony of the Trees is designed to raise awareness of, and celebrate, children within the autistic spectrum.


The sculpture is to be installed in the centre of a new sensory garden in Victoria Park, in the spring of 2018.

Children and staff from three Berkshire ​schools were involved in making it - Brookfields School, Castle School and Prior's Court School.

A musical sculpture - the tree is full of bells, the figure of the child holds musical instruments and beside the child's feet is a percussive instrument called a guiro.

The child represented in the sculpture holds a bell and a singing bowl. The bell is an open, giving shape and the bell is a receiving shape. This is to symbolise the interplay of giving and receiving in all forms of communication. 

The making and the siting of The Symphony of the Trees is an ongoing adventure...Shortly after the joyful event of its original unveiling in 2007, attended by many of the children from the schools, the sculptural figure was stolen. In the summer of 2011  a member of the public walked into a police station in Newbury and handed in the sculpture - it had been found lying beside a road, whole and intact.

The re-siting of the sculpture is currently being addressed by Newbury Town Council...the adventure continues....watch this space for new images of the sensory garden in the spring...


The Symphony of the Trees

Bronze, sandstone and aluminium

2.5 x 0.8 x 0.8m